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GRE Test Breakdown


The Graduate Record Examination General Test checks the basic general skills of a person which are not related to any particular score. . The three skills which this test aims to check are quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and verbal reasoning. Under the analytical writing section, the candidate is supposed to draft an argument essay in 45 minutes, and another in favor of in 30 minutes. The GRE test is being conducted around the US and Canada. The test is generally taken as computer based however paper based version is also available. The numbers of questions which have been correctly answered do not directly determine your score. The reason behind this is that GRE is an adaptive test and the difficulty of questions change according to number of questions correctly solved during the test.


On the completion of test, the score is based on three aspects, the number of questions solved, their difficulty level and the correct answers. The candidate will receive three score, which include a verbal reasoning score, a quantitative reasoning score, and an analytical writing score. The scores of the exam are sent to the candidates and institution within a period of 10 to 15 days one the exam is complete. The GRE test is composed and administered by the Educational Testing Service located around the world. Prospective candidates need to visit the ETS website for registration.


To sum up, GRE test has three skills, which the GRE test seeks to measure, are verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. It is supposed to measure how people analyze different thing in relation. In fact, people have different reasoning, so it is essential for everyone in the society to do or perhaps practice the test as it can improves one reasoning thus able handle a certain problem using a different approach.

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