Plant extraction of Essential Oils and its methods

Plant extraction is being done from a long time to extract essential oils employed in aromatherapy.

These are extracted from barks, plants leaves, roots and flowers. The procedure employed to extract

essential oil from the plant material is referred to as distillation. This distillation process is lengthy, but

ascertains the oil extraction without affecting the quality.

Extracting of plant oils

Distillation refers to extracting the component from the liquid through the heating and condensation

process. It results in complete separation and increases the selected components concentration mixture.

Distillation completes separation of components and based on the mixture it may be partial as well.

Plant extraction methods

 Water and steam are taken together and this help in plant extraction as the oil is pushed out of

the plant. Thus essential oil is accumulated leaving behind the steam.

 Plant extraction is also done by placing the plant extracts in a container covered ensuring the

steam does not evaporate. Thus the plant extracts are steamed before it starts giving out oil. It is

important to have a control on the temperature so that enough extracts are released to get essential

oil. This is a cumbersome process as from tons of plant materials only small amount of oil gets


Complex structure

All the plants feature complex structure. The plant extraction process for multiple compounds or any

particular compound depends on the solubility and the extraction media such as organic solvent, water or

organic solvents mixture using the physical separation principle and the solubility property of the

compounds in the extraction media.

The plant design and the process of plant extraction system are different with each products and

component. It is difficult to generalize and extract from various herbs the isolated compounds. This is

because everything involves a series of processes and the rich compounds are extracted in a generalized

manner, while the next stage involves purification and isolation.

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